Nenagh Parish Mass Schedule

Monday – Friday (Incl) 8.00am & 11.00am (Funerals at 1.00pm)


Weekend Schedule

St. Mary of the Rosary

Saturday 10.00am & 6.15pm (Funerals at 11.00am)

(Reconciliation Service included in the 10.00am Mass on the First Saturday of each month)


Sunday 8.00am, 10.00am,12noon & 6.00pm


St. John the Baptist

about Nenagh Parish Mass Schedule

Corona Virus / Covid 19 Pandemic

In light of the Government’s Recommendations and the Response of Killaloe Diocese the following measures are being taken in Nenagh Parish as of from March 13th until further notice:

  1. The primary responsibility for the common good rests with each individual and any decision we make ought to take into account the common good.
  2. Our primary concern must be the wellbeing of each other. Thus we ask that we attend to the welfare of family members, neighbours and fellow parishioners. If you wish a priest to visit a close family member in their homes having received the consent of that family member, please contact the Parish Office by phone (067 31272) or email ([email protected]) and a priest will visit. One of the priests will make contact with that person via phone or email to verify the request and to arrange a visit at a mutually convenient time.
  3. Masses will be celebrated as per the regular schedule but we ask that people do not attend. This is in reponse to Bishop Fintan’s decision to suspend all public Masses. Please participate via the parish radio (106.2FM) and / or webcam ( If you wish to receive Holy Communion and / or wish to bring Holy Communion to someone in your own home please know that Holy Communion will be distributed with no liturgical ceremony to individuals at 9am in St. Mary of the Rosary church.
  4. The weekend Mass schedule remains as does the St. Patrick’s Day Mass schedule. Please do not attend but join us via the parish radio (106.2FM) and / or webcam (
  5. Both St. Mary of the Rosary church and St. John the Baptist church will remain open as per normal for people to visit and pray.
  6. Eucharistic Adoration in St. Mary of the Rosary church each weekday between 5pm and 7pm will continue.
  7. The Parish Office will be closed to the public. If you wish to make contact please phone the parish number (067 31272) or email the parish ([email protected]).
  8. Funerals will be celebrated. However, attendance will be limited to family members only with no choir in attendance.
  9. All parish gatherings are suspended until further notice.
  10. The Parish Retreat scheduled for March 29th, 30th and 31st is cancelled.
  11. The retreats for Confirmation Groups in Mount St. Joseph’s Monastery, Roscrea scheduled for March 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th are cancelled.
  12. The Nenagh 800 Tree Planting ceremony scheduled for March 27th is deferred.
  13. All parish volunteers are asked to consult the Parish Office prior to making arrangements for proposed gatherings after March 29th
  14. All of the above is to adhere to the wellbeing of the common good of our society. If you as a parishioner have any suggestions as to how best we as a Christian community can serve each other please let us know by contacting the parish office (067 31272) or ([email protected]).