Nenagh Parish Mass Schedule

Monday – Friday (Incl) 8.00am & 11.00am (Funerals at 1.00pm)


Weekend Schedule

St. Mary of the Rosary

Saturday 10.00am & 6.15pm (Funerals at 11.00am)

(Reconciliation Service included in the 10.00am Mass on the First Saturday of each month)


Sunday 8.00am, 10.00am,12noon & 6.00pm


St. John the Baptist

about Nenagh Parish Mass Schedule

Safe Return to Community Worship in Nenagh Parish

It is now almost four months since we last gathered together forMass in our churches. We have missed being together. We havemissed the sense of belonging to a community. We have missedcelebrating the presence of Christ among us when we gather.Bishop Fintan Monahan.

A Plan for the Safe Return to Community Worship in Nenagh ParishAfter a long and heartbreaking absence, we are all delighted that the time has come to return to Mass. Your health and wellbeing are our most important concerns so please do not feel obliged to attend Mass if you are in any way anxious about doing so. You will know when the time is right for you, physically and emotionally. The attendance at weekly Mass is fulfilled by joining us via the Parish Radio and Webcam. Please continue to do so. If you wish to receive Holy Communion and do not intend to be at Mass, please know that Holy Communion will be distributed after each Mass in St Mary of the Rosary church. Do come along after any Mass and receive Holy Communion. If you are unable to get to St Mary of the Rosary church yourself then arrange for a family member to do so or contact the Parish Office and arragnements will be made to bring you Holy Communion at home. Remember, if you are still staying indoors, we are all together in prayer and supporting each other in so many ways.For those of you intending to return to Mass in person, we have all been well-versed in the new ways of the world. Wash and sanitise our hands repeatedly. Keep physically distant from others. Maintain good cough etiquette. The following plan has been devised by a COVID-19 Preparedness Group that was convened by Nenagh Parish with the sole purpose of creating a set of conditions for a safe and welcoming return to community worship in our churches.

New Mass ScheduleThere is one change to the schedule and this is the addition of a daily weekday Mass.1. Monday to Friday: 8am, 11am and 1pm (St. Mary of the Rosary church)2. Saturday: 11am and 6.15pm (St. Mary of the Rosary church), 7.30pm (St. John theBaptist church)3. Sunday: 8am, 12noon and 6pm (St Mary of the Rosary church), 10.30am (St. John theBaptist church)4. Funeral Masses will be at 11am (Monday – Saturday)

How do I enter each church? St Mary of the Rosary – enter via Church Road-side door onlySt John the Baptist – enter via the main entrance at the end of the long aisle only

Capacity The new regulations currently in place state that only 50 people can attend Mass in eitherof our churches. Nenagh Parish has no discretion to exceed this figure. If you request entry to Mass after capacity has been reached, you are asking the volunteer stewards to breachthe Guidelines issued by the Irish Bishops, as regulated by the government.

Stewards Volunteer stewards who have been instructed in the correct procedures will greet all Massgoerswhen they arrive at the church. You will be guided to a seat chosen by the steward.We would ask you to note the following;1. The stewards are volunteers who are giving up their own time in order to provide for asafe and welcoming return to Mass for our parish community.2. We ask that parishioners cooperate with their guidance at all times.3. When the congregation has reached capacity for any given Mass, the stewards willbe obliged to put up a ‘Church Full’ sign. This will be an extremely difficult moment forthem and for anyone denied entry. Please cooperate and do not put them in a difficultposition by seeking  entry after the church is full. Nenagh Parish is required to followthe guidelines in regard to public health and the volunteer stewards are assisting theparish in keeping the community safe.

What if you are unable to gain entry to Mass?The Irish bishops have confirmed that attendance at a weekday Mass will fulfil the SundayObligation during the ongoing public health situation. Accordingly, Nenagh Parish hasadded a third weekday Mass at St Mary of the Rosary, at 1pm, Monday to Friday. Weencourage you to take advantage of this provision.

What happens if you are unable to enter the church due to full capacity?You have two options.1. If the weather permits, you can stand outside, adhering to social distancing, and listento Mass which will be relayed on a speaker.2. If you are driving, you can return to your car and link in with the Mass via the ParishRadio (106.2FM).Holy Communion will be brought to the entrance by the celebrant at the end of Mass.

What happens when you arrive at the church?1. Please wait to be greeted by a volunteer steward who will escort you to a pew. Youshould not make your way to a pew unescorted. Please remember that there may be aqueue while you wait so maintain physical distance in the queue.2. There will be an opportunity to use hand sanitisers as you enter the church.3. You will be asked to sit in the pew as directed by the volunteer steward rather than aplace of your own choosing. This is in line with the layout of available seating.4. Once you are seated, you will remain in place until after the end of Mass.5. Holy Communion will be distributed by the Celebrant and you should not leave yourplace to receive. Holy Communion will be received into the hand only.6. At the end of Mass please exit as directed by the celebrant who will announce thedetails at each Mass.7. There will be an opportunity to use hand sanitisers as you leave the church..

What happens after you leave the church? Volunteers will sanitise the church furnishings before the next Mass begins.

Who should not attend Mass in person?1. Anyone recommended to remain at home on the advice of a medical practitioner.2. Anyone showing any of the known symptoms of COVID-19 including, sore throat, hightemperature, loss of taste, and others that are defined by health authorities.

Sacrament of Reconciliation. On the First Saturday (July 4th) at 10am a Sacrament of Reconciliation Service will becelebrated. Each First Saturday until the restoration of regular services will have a Serviceof Reconciliation at 10am.

Face Coverings Public health regulations do not call for the compulsory wearing of face coverings. As long as that remains the situation, Nenagh Parish will not make this a condition of attending Mass. We would ask potential Mass-goers to note the following:1. When you come to Mass you will be in an enclosed space, albeit at a physical distance, with 49 other people, for a prolonged period.2. There is evidence that face coverings in enclosed spaces do provide some unspecified level of protection from COVID-19.3. Wearing a face covering is likely to provide a considerable degree of comfort to other Mass-goers, some of whom may be quite nervous about returning to normality.4. On this basis, therefore, Nenagh Parish strongly recommends the wearing of face coverings to Mass for all those in a position to do so. It may be an act of kindness.It is taken for granted that of course there are individuals for whom face covering is not possible based on medical and other reasons.Additional Notes

Additional Notes- Access to the Sacristy and Toilets is restricted.- The handshake for the Sign of Peace remains suspended. However, the gesture can be replaced by a moment to pause and pray in silence for the gift of peace.- Please try to arrive a little earlier than usual to facilitate the stewards.- Remain in seats before the liturgy begins and do not engage with devotional practicessuch as the Stations of the Cross, visiting shrines or the lighting of candles. (Note: the sanitiser on our hands is a highly flammable product and is a fire hazard when lightingcandles with a match, lighter or from a lighted candle).

Friends, We have given you a tremendous amount to digest in this document. Who amongst us ever imagined that our lifelong practice of coming together to worship God would be subject to so many ‘rules and regulations’? Like so many sectors of life right now we are all still only feeling our way through this, learning as we go along, learning to live alongside the virus. We have put these guidelines together not to regulate our worship of God but to make it a safe, civilised and relaxed experience. When you come into the churches we don’t want you to be on edge, we want you to join each other in prayer with confidence, safe in the knowledge that we are doing our best to care for you during each Mass. We all pray for the day when this document and all those yellow signs can be torn down forever! And that day will come! Until then, we will continue to look after and protect each other.

God Bless,

Nenagh Parish Return to Worship Preparedness Group